A Knowledge Leadership Development Seminar

Proven High-Performance Strategies & Practices For The Knowledge-Inspired Manager

Mastering The Art Of Winning Knowledge Strategy

Toronto, Ontario, Canada  - 3 Days - Monday November 21 to Wednesday 23 November, 2005


We define the purpose of knowledge management as the ability to optimize an organization's human capital, intellectual capital, intellectual property, social and community capital, knowledge of customers, and intangible assets. This course provides an introduction to the new fundamentals for success in this rapidly evolving discipline.  We share our ideas and thoroughly discuss our strategic frameworks for guiding action in the expanding knowledge-based economy. Ultimately we engage in a productive exchange of ideas regarding the best way to generate the highest knowledge capital value from your knowledge assets.

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What You Will Learn

You will learn our field tested ways of systematically applying knowledge management to any organization. We will explain the Kaieteur Institute's Knowledge Management Strategy Frameworks . These are our disciplined models for crafting effective knowledge strategy, while addressing the dimensions of people, processes, infrastructure, enabling technology, knowledge management techniques, knowledge asset management, and performance metrics. Quite simply you will learn what effective next-generation knowledge management is about. You will learn to approach it's development and deployment in a sound, sensible, balanced and systematic way. You will acquire new mind-expanding ideas that will help you to radically accelerate the adoption and profitable application of knowledge management in your organization. We are confident that you will have a stimulating, thought provoking, memorable, and enjoyable experience at our seminar. (We provide you with a copy of all presentation material and reference resources).

Who Should Attend

Executives and staff who want to get a great grounding in the fundamentals of next-generation knowledge management. Thinking that incorporates our latest innovations in the field. It is designed to transfer practical secrets and state of the art thinking to Knowledge managers, knowledge leaders, strategists, CEO's, and senior management who are stakeholders and/or have responsibility for knowledge-management and knowledge driven innovation in their organizations.

Why You Should  Attend

The global knowledge based economy continues to expand. There is a tremendous and growing need for genuine insight and understanding that enables executives to find creative and differentiated ways to optimize and monetize their organization's knowledge capital resources. Executives are finding it challenging to extract sustainable and maximum value from their knowledge and intellectual capital initiatives. This seminar directly addresses these problems and is targeted to reduce the knowledge stress, overload, performance anxiety, frustration and risk that comes from having to make rapid and effective strategic decisions in today's business environment.   You will be exposed to fresh, original, world-class thinking on this subject and practices that are easy to understand and apply to your business. You will achieve a deeper appreciation for why so many knowledge management projects are failing to deliver on their promise. You will gain deeper insight into how such projects can be re-configured so as to deliver a superior return on investment. You will come away with a better understanding of such important complimentary issues as knowledge markets, knowledge networks, knowledge enabling technology, change management and knowledge innovation. You will gain better peace of mind and confidence from knowing that now you have a sound and wise approach to the new emerging discipline of knowledge management. You will be exposed to mind-expanding ideas that will help you to radically accelerate the adoption and profitable application of knowledge management in your organization. We are confident that you will have a stimulating, thought provoking, memorable, and enjoyable experience at our seminar.

Presenter - Bryan Davis, President, Kaieteur Institute For Knowledge Management


Bryan Davis is founder and president of The Kaieteur Institute for Knowledge Management based in Toronto, Canada. The Institute is an independent management consultancy research think tank, applied knowledge lab, and knowledge practices network. He provides strategic management consulting , education, research, and knowledge market advisory services to clients, for the profitable application of new knowledge management thinking to business. His mission is to help clients achieve positive, powerful, and persistent high velocity results using the latest knowledge enabling techniques. Bryan conducts advanced independent research and practice related to innovation intelligence. New thinking is specifically being applied to furthering our understanding of high performance knowledge-based innovation. We leverage our strategic understanding of knowledge markets and exchanges, knowledge networks, knowledge cities, knowledge-enabling software, knowledge-based business design, knowledge-based business models, knowledge monetization, knowledge entrepreneurship, knowledge pattern recognition, the enterprise ideas economy, knowledge as a vital asset for business continuity, change management patterns, knowledge buyer motivation, knowledge-value creation, personal knowledge management, knowledge grids, and the emerging “KnowledgeEverNet” – the always-on, always-connected global brain. Bryan is increasingly recognized as a leading world authority in these specialized knowledge domains.He is a Fellow of Entovation International. He lectures on Knowledge Management at the University of Toronto in the School For Continuing Studies. He has served as Vice President , Knowledge Management Strategies and Research with the Delphi Group Canada. He has worked as an Information & Technology Consultant with the Municipality Of Metropolitan Toronto, and worked at Transport Canada and National Archives Canada. He is a graduate of York University's Philosophy Program. He regularly makes presentations at International Conferences. He served as a member of the Advisory Board of, a knowledge exchange enterprise with a formidable brain-trust, which also included such intellectual capital luminaries as the brilliant Leif Edvinsson and Dr. Nick Bontis. He is also a member of the Entovation 100, and the Entovation Group/Alliance. He is a past president of the Toronto Chapter Of The Canadian Information & Image Management Society, and co-chair of the Knowledge Management Special Interest Group of the Toronto Chapter of the Canadian Information Processing Society. ( see recent news at:  ).

Co-Presenter - Joel Alleyne, Chief Information and Knowledge Officer for Borden Ladner Gervais LLP, and President, Alleyne Inc. (a member of our experts network).

Joel Alleyne is National Chief Information and Knowledge Officer for the firm. Mr. Alleyne is a graduate of the University of Toronto with a Bachelors of Science in Computer Science and has completed graduate work in the Information Science field. He has written and passed the examinations of the Institute for Certified Management Consultants in 1983.  Mr. Alleyne is an Information Technology and Knowledge Management professional. Mr. Alleyne is an Information Professional who has worked extensively with clients in professional service, healthcare, insurance, pharmaceutical, finance and government organizations. His research commitment over the past eight years has been in the field of organizational informatics (assessing the impact of information technologies on organizations) and Knowledge Management (including areas such as e-Knowledge Markets and Communities of Practice). He has provided consulting services and worked on projects in the public and private sector across North America. Mr. Alleyne has been active in professional service organizations for twenty two years; holding a number of management positions. Professional and Community Activities:

· Faculty, Kaieteur Institute for Knowledge Management

· Board Member, Information Technology Association of Canada (Ontario)

· Practitioner in Residence, Knowledge Media Design Institute, University of Toronto



 Day One  - Monday November 21, 2005
The Knowledge-Based Business & The Knowledge Economy

8:00-8:30 am - Registration, Continental Breakfast, Networking


*       Introductions. Review our purpose and goals for the seminar.

*       Setting the context, a discussion of contemporary business and technology trends.

*       What important knowledge issues are challenging your organization?

*       Recent developments in knowledge management thinking and knowledge enabling technologies.

*       Our frameworks for knowledge strategy, intellectual capital, and intangibles.

*       Understanding the elements of a comprehensive and well balanced knowledge management strategy and plan.

*       We make extensive use of storytelling via examinations of various real-world supporting case histories.

10:00-10:15 - Break


*       Understanding new modalities and dynamics for knowledge exchange.

*       A taxonomy for classifying types of knowledge markets and current trends.

*       The advantages of a market-based approach to knowledge supply and demand.

*       Applying these ideas and developments to your organizational context.

12:00-1:00  -  Lunch

1:00- 2:15 pm

*       A discussion of the notion that the network is the business and possible implications.

*       The emerging science of networks and how we can put this thinking to work.

*       Complexity theory, systems thinking,  knowledge ecology and it's relevance to contemporary business.

*       New developments in social network analysis, technologies, and select case histories of organizations that have applied this perspective to their business.

2:15-2:30  - Break

2:30-4:30 pm

*       Business models and how they are playing an increasing important economic role.

*       Discussion of knowledge-based business models and a framework for designing powerful sustainable advantages.

*       Knowledge economics in a digital age, increasing returns and the ideas economy.

*       Competitive intelligence.

*       The issue of triple bottom-line growth, business continuity, resilience and sustainability.

*       Knowledge entrepreneurship, knowledge-to-profit patterns, playbooks, and the monetization of knowledge capital.

*       Optimizing the use and value from available knowledge assets in your organization.

*       Trends from new developments in urban revitalization, and knowledge cities and regions.

*       Some governance and citizenship participation implications for the enterprise. Trust and ethics.

*       The unifying and clarifying power of knowledge principles.



Day Two - Tuesday November 22, 2005
People, Culture, & Community in the Knowledge Enterprise

8:00-8:30 am  Continental breakfast and networking


*       Group exercise -a scenario case in which you have a chance to practice applying the strategy framework to a challenging situation.

*       Lessons learned, guidelines, and how this technique has been used successfully. Review of select examples.

10:00-10:15 - Break


*       Proven techniques on how to sell knowledge management successfully in the enterprise.

*       Understanding memes and how to leverage memes and experiential marketing techniques.

*       How to accelerate buy-in and change management in your organization.

*       Understanding patterns of change and a framework for diagnosing contexts for change.

*       Understanding buying behaviour and motivation and techniques for minimizing and overcoming resistance to change.

*       Growing the arc of understanding and the ladder of desire.

*       A review of archetypal knowledge management characters and roles. (eg. the knowledge architect)

*       Knowledge is personal and why PKM (personal knowledge management) is important. Blogging.

*       A search and retrieval example.

12:00-1:00 - Lunch

1:00- 2:15 pm

*       Knowledge networks, communities of practice, and facilitating collaboration.

*       Talent, expert networks, and expertise management.

*       Relationship management.  Trading insights and ideas with customers.

*       Outside-to-inside perspective on operations.

2:15-2:30 - Break

2:30-4:30 pm

*       Strategies for developing high-performance knowledge mastery and leadership capabilities.

*       Mental models, values, beliefs, and the outer and inner game of knowledge.

*       Knowledge-flow and being in the knowledge zone. The goal of peak knowledge performance.

*       Improving your knowledge pattern recognition capabilities, creativity, thinking skills.

*       Learning, continuous innovation and improvement.

*       Special related subjects - information overload and decision-making stress.

*       Achieving a knowledge friendly, knowledge creating, and knowledge sharing culture.


Day Three - Wednesday  November 23, 2005
The Knowledge-Based Organization, Environment, & Knowledge Enabling Technology

8:00-8:30 am


*       Developing the organization to support and implement the knowledge management program.

*       Understanding the concept of structural capital.

*       Organizational supports; events; learning;education;

10:00-10:15 - Break


*       Knowledge enabling technologies. A classification system to better understand types of systems.

*       Examples of cutting edge software and select case examples.

*       Considerations for evaluating, selecting, and implementing new technology.

*       The knowledge management project and the important role of systematic knowledge transfer.

12:00-1:00 - Lunch

1:00- 2:15

*       A review and discussion of the internet and how it changes everything.

*       ICT technologies and relentless innovation.

*       The future of portals, blogs, simulation systems, e-learning, video servers, knowledge grids.

*       Select examples of innovative applications of these new technologies. Visualization.

*       Measuring performance, IC scorecards, and the development of appropriate metrics and indicators.

2:15-2:30 - Break



*       Putting it all together to achieve successful and profitable knowledge management in your organization

*       Open discussion. Question and answer exchange. Review & wrap-up.


Duration 3 Days - November 21,22,& 23, 2005

Fees $ 1195.00 CDN per participant ( $ 995.00 if you register before Oct 31).

Venue – Boardroom B, 2nd Floor, University Of Toronto School Of Continuing Studies Building

( Near Bloor West & St. George Street.)


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