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e-knowledge commerce sites :-


A Knowledge Network where you can use e-mail and the web to ask questions, give answers, and share your knowledge with other Abuzz members
A service of New York Times Digital


A Free-Agent Virtual Campus
Find and bid on your next project.



Bright is a new and very different e-commerce service focused on high value knowledge workers

Membership to Bright is free. Bright makes money from taking a royalty from transactions carried out on its services and from charging for affinity services.

Bright is a new, internet-based market space for knowledge workers. It is based on a global network of online communities and has been developed by leading players.

Bright will offer:

  • The world's leading trading exchange for knowledge (information, skills, experience)
  • The world's leading platform for virtual working
  • The world's leading set of member support services


A web-based knowledge market that starts with degree and certificate courses on management, Information Technology and Industrial Engineering subjects in China. These efforts help further develop an electronic knowledge business community

Community of Science


Community of Science, Inc. (COS) is the leading Web network for R&D professionals. COS provides business-to-business Internet solutions for the communication, collaboration and purchasing needs of the global R&D community.

COS leverages its channel relationships with universities and research organizations to produce validated information about R&D professionals. COS unique profiling system offers a powerful knowledge management and networking solution to participating institutions.

With detailed user profiles, COS gives individual members personalized access to the people, products and information that matter to them. COS represents individuals as buyers of professional goods and services and as sellers of intellectual capital and scarce knowledge. Researchers and R&D professionals are COS primary customers now, and we plan to expand our community model for other professional groups in the future.



Experts Exchange


Experts Exchange has pioneered the knowledge sharing community market-place since 1996, enabling its members to quickly find specific solutions to their specific questions.



The Global Knowledge Exchange is a global educational brokerage whose primary mission is the development and maintenance of a worldwide member educational exchange. GKETM empowers its knowledge providers with the capability to deliver effective and innovative educational and training programs for knowledge recipients via distance learning. GKETM services and programs are employed by public and private colleges and universities, public school systems, corporations, businesses and government agencies worldwide.
Similar in character to the New York Stock Exchange, GKETM serves as the organizational and technological infrastructure through which knowledge providers and recipients can come together, whether they live in Boston or Beijing.

GKETM is a virtual consortium in which knowledge is created, assembled, distributed, presented, published, preserved and exchanged among member organizations and individual participants via 21st century learning technologies
An exchange for connecting independent professionals with contract projects


the premier marketplace for professionals to sell and buy knowledge solutions and access mission critical support services
An easy way for MIT students to share their knowledge about design problems, decisions, understanding, classes, professors, ideas....


The Intellectual Property 
Exchange (SM)


Recognizing that the world is increasingly revolving around intellectual assets, PricewaterhouseCoopers created KnowledgeDirect virtual communities to respond to this new environment. One of the ways that the knowledge economy is truly typified through KnowledgeDirect is The Intellectual Property Exchange (SM) ("IPEX"), a board of trade that facilitates the buying, selling, licensing and trading of intellectual property assets. In addition it is an information resource for the intellectual property community.

Along with a central location for identifying third-party buyers, sellers, licensors and licensees of patents, trademarks, and copyrights in an anytime, anywhere world, users also have access to the vast sources of information and knowledge that the world's largest professional services firm has on the subject.

The Intellectual Property Exchange helps traders, owners, sellers, lawyers, and investors who deal in intellectual properties increase their overall corporate IQ by giving them constant and instant access to news and trends in the complicated world of intellectual property. Here you can keep track of new tools, new trades, developments, laws and regulations, what your competitors are up to, and what the market is doing domestically or internationally that will help you develop a strong knowledge base for making informed decisions on behalf of yourself or your company.




The IP Mall is an internationally acclaimed resources website providing information and links to the most valuable resources in the world. It is the creation of the Franklin Pierce Law Center's Professor Jon
Cavicchi and Site- Surfer Publishing LLC's
Bill Shaw



The Knowledge Marketplace is a unique forum that:
  • joins buyers and sellers of strategic business information and services
  • provides extended reach for the many millions of businesses, entrepreneurs, consultants, and industry experts around the world
  • allows participants to buy and sell knowledge products and services including business research, consulting, training, career development, technical books, software, and business services. 

By joining the Intellifact Knowledge Marketplace, participants will have access to hard-to-find information available nowhere else - online or offline.  The Knowledge Marketplace even features a rating service so that buyers can make their decisions with confidence.


 is a revolutionary new marketplace where you can buy and sell stock picks. We're different from other sources of investment ideas because we track the performance of every stock pick posted at our site with a clear and objective scoring system.

So, if you're looking for promising investment ideas, our ranking system can help you find them quickly and easily.

Oh, and if you're good at picking stocks, we could be your ticket to that dream job you can do in your pajamas. We'll send you half the money earned from sales of reports that you posted.



An online information marketplace that links people who have questions to people who have answers.
An online exchange of knowledge, advice, and expertise. This technology enables users to obtain answers to complex questions and to get paid for sharing their knowledge. Thousands of experts are already registered, and partners in technology, education, medicine, and other topics provide a powerful knowledge base to answer users' questions.
Intellectual Property 

Intellectual Property Exchange aims to trade intellectul properties (patents, utility models, designs, trademarks, and copyrights) with such functions as stock exchanges have, by utilizing multimedia like Internet, being the first exchange for intellectual properties in the world. Trading with actual patented products in Okinawa Free-Trade Zone is also possible.
The trading can only be made by Intellectual Property Exchange Members.



The world's first knowledge auction, where everyone knowledge can be auctioned bought and sold

Demand Ventures Ltd. plans to market a modified version of its Knowledge Exchange Auction platform to major corporations for use in internal knowledge management systems. Demand President and CEO, David H. Brett, and CKO, Dr. Nick Bontis, presented the new strategy to senior executives of major organizations at a meeting on knowledge management hosted by IBM Global Services. The purpose of this modified platform – called IntraKnexa™ – is to provide organizations with a dynamically priced internal knowledge market that rewards knowledge sharing.

Demand Ventures Ltd. has reached an agreement with Futurizer AS of Denmark to work together to establish Knexa Europe – an on-line intellectual capital exchange. Futurizer AS is an Internet business accelerator headed by Bjorn Wolrath, former CEO of global insurance operation Skandia AB and today a well-known Internet entrepreneur. Working with Wolrath on Knexa Europe will be Leif Edvinsson, former Director of Intellectual Capital at Skandia.

lLive Knowledge


LiveKnowledge is the leading infrastructure provider of knowledge exchange services. Our solutions enable individuals with questions to obtain specific answers directly from subject matter experts. As an Application Service Provider, we deliver our knowledge exchange services to public and corporate web sites.

We are currently running a live knowledge exchange at This site demonstrates the capabilities of our LiveKnowledge Exchange™ solution.


The Knowledge Exchange is dedicated to increasing understanding of the knowledge revolution, which is re-shaping the world in which we live.

Increasingly, knowledge is becoming the driver of wealth creation and this has enormous impact for the way businesses are managed, the future of employment and the policies of governments.

The Knowledge Exchange is developing exciting and innovative learning materials to help individuals and organisations understand and profit from the knowledge revolution.



The world's first Intellectual Capital Store stocked with products and services that
enhance knowledge and the development of tangible and intangible assets


LETS=local Exchange trading Schemes
- local community-based
mutual aid networks in which people exchange all kinds of goods and services with one another, without the need for money
Online auction for Intellectual Properties

Patent & License Exchange


The Patent & License Exchange ("") is the first e-business marketplace for intellectual property rights - patents, copyrights, trademarks, trade secrets and know how. By applying financial market technology and discipline to the intellectual property market, is bringing the 200-year-old system of intellectual property exchange into the 21st century and creating the safest marketplace in the world.




At QApro, we believe that knowledge is a good that can and should be traded for money. Our technology aims to leverage the Internet's ability to connect people in powerful and unprecedented ways—offering users not just static information, but answers provided to them by other human beings. The QApro engine was developed by leading experts in the field of Information Systems to provide the world's most robust, scalable and efficient facility for the trade of knowledge in the form of questions and answers.

The QApro engine can be seamlessly integrated into any business-to-business, professional, or focused consumer community to instantly offer knowledge trading capabilities within that community. Knowledge trading exponentially increases the value of communities by allowing members to interact with each other rather than just the site, and provides a valuable source of transactional revenue to our partners. is an engaging, interactive community that dynamically links users who have questions with professionals who respond with answers.  Now you can earn money by answering questions or you can ask questions and name your own price for an answer from other registered professionals.
(Patent Pending)



StudyBox was founded on the principle that people have knowledge that can be turned into an information commodity; this commodity can be packaged in such a way that it can be taught, acquired, and priced according to other people's demand. StudyBox's mission is to provide an infrastructure where people can interactively share their knowledge, have an opportunity to earn money, and learn in an innovative exciting new way
Knowledge Market
The Knowledge Bank is a database where StudyBox members can post and view all types of information.Check out the Knowledge Bank and add your own content or learn something new

Intellectual Property Technology Exchange


Originally created by Yale University's Office of Cooperative Research, TechEx is a business-to-business extranet for technology licensing professionals. It facilitates a network of targeted communications between technology transfer offices at research institutions and corporate technology developers.


A Global Forum for buying and selling technology, a technology marketplace where great inventions are listed, sold, and ultimately applied

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