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This seminar explores what it means to be a knowledge worker in the new economy. It is a one day reflection on the special challenges of being a high performance knowledge worker. It is a lively and stimulating combination of presentation, dialogue, knowledge sharing and scenarios aimed at producing greater clarity, insight, and wisdom about the new role and challenges facing knowledge workers. The global knowledge based economy continues to evolve and expand at a rapid rate. As this happens, the nature of work is changing. It is becoming more and more knowledge intensive. Knowledge workers need to know more, to do their jobs effectively. Work life is becoming more complex and chaotic. Knowledge workers are challenged to make business decisions and take positive action in a whirlwind of information noise and pollution. Information overload or information famine, data smog, messaging and communication technologies such as e-mail and voice mail just add to the rising problem of knowledge worker stress. As human capital inputs to business production processes, what they know, and how they act on what they know, is arguably one of the key sources of sustainable competitive advantage. The knowledge worker is a critical link in the knowledge value chain. The knowledge worker is a vital resource for nurturing loyal and enduring relationships with important customers. The knowledge worker is not just an expense item on the balance sheet as in industrial age metrics, but an investment in a firm's intellectual capital and brain power. People are indeed a company's greatest asset. However human capital assets go home every night and voluntarily come back in the morning, carrying what they know. Much of this knowledge and intellect is in the form of hard to articulate tacit knowledge and experience. Corporations have to create environments for knowledge workers that elicit their passion and commitment. Management needs to truly honour and value what they contribute. They need to support informal communities of knowledge workers that collaborate and learn together. 

Topics :-

  • What does it mean to be a "Knowledge Worker" ?
  • How can you Manage Knowledge better in your work-place and why does this matter today ?
  • What Is Knowledge ? How does it differ from data and information ?
  • What’s involved in Harnessing Knowledge to improve your personal effectiveness and productivity ?
  • Continuous Learning is increasingly important as is the ability to unlearn . How can this be done more effectively ?
  • How can your Time To New Knowledge be reduced ?
  • Using knowledge for Sense-Making. How can you master change, by making more sense of changes in the work environment ? How can you help your company intercept and interpret signals from the market-place ?
  • In what way is your work becoming more knowledge intensive ?What are some winning Coping Strategies for dealing with this development ? How can you deal with infoglut and infofamine ?
  • Why Knowledge Sharing And Exchange is more appropriate than hoarding in this era
  • How you can increase your Knowledge Value to the enterprise by improving the way you think, by becoming more creative, by getting to know customers better, by harnessing good ideas, by helping your company to become more innovative by leveraging your networks
  • How you can improve your own Knowledge Competency by identifying gaps, making maps, setting knowledge goals, expanding knowledge relationships
  • An examination of The Politics Of Knowledge in organizations
  • How can the Flow Of Knowledge be enhanced in your work environment, since movement is key
  • How can you more effectively participate in leveraging knowledge residing in Communities Of Interest & Communities Of Practice ?
  • What are some of the strategies you can use to gain Access to Knowledge when you need it ?
  • How can you use knowledge to make better quality Decisions ?
  • How can knowledge support sustainable Development and Growth ,for you and your company ?
Who Should Attend ?
This seminar is designed for front line knowledge workers and for enlightened corporate managers and strategists. In the knowledge-based enterprise we are ultimately all knowledge workers. It is ideal for groups of knowledge workers as it helps them to forge better communication, shared understanding, and alignment.
Why Attend ?
This seminar will enable knowledge workers and team leaders to become more reflective practitioners. It is an enriching, stimulating, motivating and mind-expanding experience. This time out to reexamine their powerful new role in the new economy, equips the knowledge worker with strategies, tools, and techniques for coping with emerging workplace challenges. It also exposes them to the fresh, advanced, new thinking and best practices in knowledge management. It helps them to better understand, interpret, adapt and respond to the challenges emerging from the growth and spread of the knowledge based economy.  This seminar is helpful at both a personal and professional development level. Ultimately this seminar is about practice. How to take your knowledge game to a higher level.
Schedule                Agenda
7:30   - 8:30 am  -  Registration & Networking
8:30   - 10:00      - Module 1 - Managing Intellectual Capital
10:00 - 10:15      - Break
10:15 - 12:00      - Module 2 - Knowledge Processes 
12:00 - 1:00 pm  - Lunch
1:00   - 2:30        - Module 3 - Knowledge & Technology
2:30   - 2:45        - Break
2:45   - 4:00        - Module 4 - Knowledge Community
4:00   - 4:30        - Wrap Up
  • Improved understanding of the knowledge context today
  • Enhanced sense-making capability in this era of infoglut and infostress
  • Improved understanding of the role of knowledge-sharing, exchange, and transfer
  • An enhanced appreciation of the value of creativity and innovation in doing knowledge work
  • An understanding of the role of intellectual capital, intangible value, and customer capital
  • A more profound understanding of richer potential ways to contribute to sustainable personal and organizational growth and success
  • A more explicit appreciation of informal networks in producing positive results, and an understanding of communities of interest and communities of practice
  • An opportunity to critically reflect upon the appropriate knowledge-worker mindset for these fast changing times
  • Improved coping strategies for dealing with information overload, stress, accelerated change, and the need for smarter learning and unlearning
  • An appreciation of forms of knowledge and why explicit management of the knowledge resource if now more crucial than ever
  • Learn the Top 10 Habits Of High Performing Knowledge Workers
  • Complete a self-diagnostic Personal Knowledge Profile & Assessment to see how you are doing in the Knowledge Zone
    and develop your own Knowledge Compass using several charts such as the example shown below :


Bryan Davis is Founder and President Of The Kaieteur Institute For Knowledge Management in Toronto. The Institute is currently engaged in advanced independent research into e-knowledge markets, knowledge enabling software, knowledge business models, knowledge-based innovation, knowledge pattern recognition.  He is currently working on a project to launch an international consortium researching e-knowledge market-places. He has been transforming information, document, and knowledge management theory into practice for over twenty years. Mr. Davis's experience spans the realm of knowledge management, document management, workflow, business process analysis and redesign, and records automation, competitive intelligence, corporate portals, e-business and CRM. . He is a graduate of York University's Philosophy Programme. He was until recently, a Vice President of Knowledge Management Strategies and Research with the Delphi Group Canada. He has previously been an Information & Technology Consultant with the Municipality Of Metropolitan Toronto; Manager Of The Corporate Records Centre for Metro Toronto; Regional Superintendent Records Management Transport Canada (Ontario Region); and Assistant Chief of the Toronto Federal Records Centre, National Archives Canada. He is regularly asked to make presentations at Conferences around the world. He teaches a new Seminar on e-Knowledge Based Innovation. He also teaches a Knowledge Management Course in the University Of Toronto's School Of Continuing Studies, has been an instructor of the Delphi Group's Institute on Knowledge Management, Document Management, and Workflow, and a regular presenter/organizer at Delphi Group Canada Seminars, and Conferences.  . He is a Past President Of The Toronto Chapter and National Director of CIIMS,  helped launch a Knowledge Management Special Interest Group with CIPS, authored a major Research Report On Knowledge Enabling Software, and been called upon to provide advice to to the Society of Management Accountants of Canada, The Royal Bank, The Centre For High Performance, and the University of Toronto Faculty of Information Science. His clients have included WorldCom, Information Architecture Group, Carana Corporaton,  Zurich Life, Sun Life, Sears Canada, Educational Testing Service Of New Jersey, Baush & Lomb, Government Of Puerto Rico, and Hong Kong Productivity Council among many others.
  • Dates : The seminar is usually held Monthly,   ( see Posted dates on our web site announcing upcoming events, or contact us ).
  • Times : 8:30 am - 4:30 pm ( Registration on day one, is from 8:00 am - 8:30 am )
  • Location : Downtown Toronto
  • Venue : Location details and map will be forwarded upon registration
    ( Note: On-site seminars and overseas engagements are available by special arrangement)
  • Registration Fee :
    Canadian -: $ 150. 00 plus $ 10.50 (7 % GST) = $ 160.50
    per attendee
    US = approx $ 120.00
    including 7 % GST ( per prevailing exchange rate)
    ( Group Discounts Available. Ask. )
  • Fees Include :
    Attendance at the seminar, handbook,  lunch and refreshments
  • Transfers & Substitutions :
    If you have pre-registered and are unable to attend, your fee can be applied to the next running of the course, or someone else from your company may be sent as a substitute.
  • Accomodation :
    Upon request, we will be happy to forward a short-list of recommended nearby Hotels. 
  • Cancellation & No Shows :
    Attendance can be cancelled up to 10 days before the seminar via written notice.
    No-shows are still charged the full registration fee.
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    The Kaieteur Institute For Knowledge Management
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