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Knowledge Management Course
University of Toronto
School of Continuing Studies

  • 0219 - 042 Knowledge Management: 7 Oct 2014 to 25 Nov 2014
  • 0219 - 043 Knowledge Management: 19 May 2015 to 7 Jul 2015

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A certificate program online that prepares you for business

Knowledge management is a modern emerging discipline focused on the application of ideas, strategies, tools, and techniques aimed at improving the creation, acquisition, accumulation, sharing, protection, distribution, and exploitation of knowledge. This also encompasses intellectual capital, intellectual property, and intangible assets in the service of customers and other stakeholders.

This course examines the knowledge infrastructure and how to apply this understanding to recommend the best use of new enabling technologies, media, and Internet modalities for the enhancement of human, relational, and structural capital. Organizations have a diverse set of knowledge assets potentially available. The goal is to find sound and practical ways to generate optimum and sustainable performance from these increasingly valuable assets.

This course covers the fundamental aspects of an organization's knowledge economy and processing cycle including knowledge creation, acquisition, transfer, protection, dissemination, and exploitation. It examines how knowledge communities can pursue shared learning practices that can be very rewarding and profitable.

The course can also be applied to the certificate program in e-Learning.

The University of Toronto, School of Continuing Studies is pleased to offer a unique and powerful course in Knowledge Management that will give you the necessary tools, fundamentals, and insights to become a better knowledge contributor in your organization, and to be able to continue learning how knowledge performance can be practically and incrementally improved.

The Knowledge Management course will be taught by Bryan Davis, a senior knowledge management consultant and recognized fellow in international knowledge networks. He leads education, consulting, and research practices focused on knowledge markets, expertise networking, knowledge-based entrepreneurship and innovation, and knowledge cities.

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