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Consulting Services

Our Professional Services

We advise senior executives about how to improve their organization's knowledge performance. How to actually realize stated goals, action plans, and aspirations.
We can provide a range of services to meet business needs. These include:

  • The development of strategic knowledge management plans that are designed to deliver prospective growth, profitability, and sustainability.
  • Knowledge performance improvement reports which measure and rate an organization's assets, capabilities, and knowledge infrastructure.
  • Education, training, & coaching leaders, teams, and communities.
  • Crafting strategies for enduring knowledge transformation and change. This is aimed at improving the cohesion, depth, and quality of an organization's knowledge culture.
  • Evaluation, recommendation, and implementation of knowledge management systems.
  • Conducting independent knowledge audits.
  • Leading multi-client market advisory research projects. These track the latest, market trends, technologies, and talent management innovations.


  • We can definitely help you advance to the next-generation knowledge frontier
  • Build a more profitable knowledge-based business
  • Implement a knowledge exchange marketplace (eg. an experts exchange )
  • Design knowledge-based businesses using innovative knowledge-based business models
  • Create a better functioning ideas economy within your enterprise
  • Enhance your knowledge of innovative new tools and techniques
  • Shrink knowledge acquisition cycle-time
  • Help you to get faster from mind to market and from concept to customer
  • Obtain actionable insights, intelligence, and market trend analysis ahead of the pack
  • Leverage advanced independent thinking, metrics, and heuristics
  • Optimize intellectual capital and intangible assets
  • Improve the flow of knowledge through the enterprise
  • Enhance employee attitudes, productivity, and performance
  • Engage in accelerated change by helping people to reframe mental models and mindsets
  • Help to develop, deploy, and leverage knowledge infrastructures and systems
  • Evaluate knowledge management technology options
  • Assess your current knowledge competencies and identify knowledge gaps
  • Help you to grow customer knowledge and relationships
  • Improve capabilities in knowledge asset creation, capture, exploitation
  • Better integrate your knowledge, web, and social media strategies
  • Make wiser strategic investments in knowledge
  • Identify competitive strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and trends
  • Grow powerful knowledge network connections and build knowledge communities
  • Elevate your knowledge game to an advanced level!

How's Your Knowledge Strategy Working?

  • Do you have a sound strategy knowledge management plan in place?
  • Is it based on new advances in the field or yesterday's thinking?
  • Are you happy with current knowledge management projects?
  • Does your leadership team know enough about knowledge-driven business innovation?
  • Do you know how to craft a knowledge-based business model?
  • Are users actively using the knowledge-enabling technologies that you have acquired to support KM?
  • Is your KM Strategy delivering profitable returns on your investments?
  • Are your teams operating with a knowledge aware sensibility and mindset?
  • How prepared are you to ensure organizational knowledge continuity if you lose talented people?
  • How well trained and practiced are your people in using advanced knowledge management tools, and techniques?
  • Have you articulated a core set of principles which govern your knowledge initiatives?
  • In this age of connectivity, is your knowledge strategy network-centric by design?
  • Do you measure, recognize and provide market-oriented incentives for superior knowledge performance?
  • Do you have an integrated, coherent, and comprehensive KM framework?
  • Is your knowledge game balanced between a focus on tacit and explicit knowledge, is it outside-inside focused?
  • Do you have a clear strategy for optimizing Intangible asset values?

Contact Information

To learn more about this service, or to arrange for an assessment, please contact: 

Bryan Elliot Davis 


The Kaieteur Institute For Knowledge Management

Toronto, Ontario.

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