KIKM Announces a New Next Generation Knowledge Leadership Seminar

Proven High-Performance Strategies & Practices For The Knowledge-Inspired Manager, is the title of a bold new leadership development seminar, specifically developed for twenty-first century knowledge-business executives and entrepreneurs.

For the first time ever KIKM will be openly sharing with senior knowledge-business executives in an educational forum, it's unique strategy frameworks and models for next-generation knowledge management. Executives will be exposed to new frameworks and models for knowledge pattern recognition, knowledge-to-profit techniques, knowledge-based business model design, knowledge markets, knowledge innovation zones, accelerating change management, competitive intelligence, and knowledge enabling software.

"New mindsets and new mental models that deliver inspired knowledge high performance are now requisite" says Bryan Elliot Davis, president of the Institute.

The global knowledge-based economy continues to expand. There is a tremendous and growing need for genuine insight and understanding that enables executives to find creative and differentiated ways to optimize and monetize their organization's knowledge capital resources.
Executives are finding it challenging to extract sustainable and maximum value from their knowledge and intellectual capital initiatives.
This seminar directly addresses these problems and is targeted to reduce the knowledge stress, overload, performance anxiety, frustration and risk that comes from having to make rapid and effective strategic decisions in today's business environment.

Seminar dates: Toronto, Ontario, Canada - 3 Days
January 23, 24, and 25, 2006

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About KIKM

The Kaieteur Institute is a business-oriented think-tank, applied knowledge technology lab, and powerful knowledge network. We provide education, research, consulting and advisory services, for the profitable application of knowledge management to business. The mission is to help clients experience positive results in global and local knowledge markets. We conduct advanced independent research and practice, related to furthering an understanding of knowledge innovation zones, knowledge markets and exchanges, knowledge enabling software, knowledge-based business design, knowledge pattern recognition, the enterprise ideas economy, competitive intelligence, knowledge as a vital asset for business continuity, change pattern recognition, knowledge buyer motivation, knowledge-value, and the fast emerging always-on knowledge-EverNet.


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