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Doug Englebart Doug Englebart heads up The Bootstrap Institute. 

"It seems not unreasonable to assume that survival value in our cultural evolution will favor institutions which support the most efficient Knowledge Markets (organisms which support the most efficient nervous systems). Then certainly the Knowledge Market will someday operate with more open trust in its knowledge interchange, to release for constructive ends a great deal of otherwise entrapped human energy. Those who grow up within such an environment will look back with pity upon the primitive fears and protective practices prevailing in 1970."

Douglas C. Engelbart
Stanford Research Institute
1970 (AUGMENT,5255,)

Debra M. Amidon
David J. Skyrme

"The prosperity of individuals, enterprises and nations relies upon knowledge as the resource and innovation as the process. If knowledge is the modern asset – the most precious resource - of the 21st Century, perhaps there is a need to create a knowledge innovation infrastructure for the World Trade of Ideas. This article outlines the opportunity to create such an infrastructure - the Global Knowledge Innovation Infrastructure (GKII)."

Also see

I3 UPDATE / ENTOVATION International News - Issue No. 26, December 1998 

" Knowledge Trading: But at What Price?"

The Knowledge Management Resource

A Site Maintained By IKM Corporation.


Institute For Intellectual Capital Research A site maintained by Dr Nick Bontis of McMaster University and CKO,
Institute For Global
Electronic Commerce
IBM Research
Zurich Research Laboratory
"Knowledge Allocation Using Negotiated Agreement In Service Markets"
by Markus Stolze, Michael Stroebel, & Heiko Ludwig
(Maastricht Research School of Economics of TEchnology and ORganizations
Universiteit Maastricht)
see Research Theme #4 - Market Structure, Market Dynamics, & Performance
Stanford University Researchers Are Exploring Knowledge Networks In Firms & Economies
KNEXUS - is Knowledge: Networks, Exchange & Uses
Syed Shariq is the Director
Carnegie Mellon
Dr. Ashish Arora, Assistant Professor Of Economics is researching developing markets for technology to aid knowledge diffusion
Penn State University see Sawyer,S.,Eschenfelder,K., and Heckman
"Knowledge Markets:Cooperation Among Distributed Technical Specialists"
in Srikantiah,K. and Koenig, M. (Eds)
Knowledge Management For Information Professionals, Free Press 1999
TWI TWI has been developing an experimental knowledge trading platform in association with BT Research at Martlesham.
UNC "Knowledge Markets : A Primer " by Michael D Kull, George Washington University
in On The Horizon
 AAAI-2000 Workshop The AAAI-2000 Workshop On Knowledge-Based Electronic Markets
Monday July 31, 2000 Austin Texas, USA
The 3rd Intangibles Conference
Knowledge: Management, Measurement & Organization
May 18 - 19, 2000
Business 2.0 "Learn From The Libraries"
By Jim Griffin   February 2000 Issue

"Invisible Inc -
Nir Kossovsky's Patent & License Exchange is Targeting the intangible: landing a market index and auction site for intellectual property"
April 2000 Issue
Business Week "Using The Net For Brainstorming - smart companies are exploiting cyberspace to spark innovation."
"Knowledge Markets"  - Dec 13, 1999 Issue
Business Week "For Sale: Great Ideas, Barely Used - gives companies a place to market their patents". - April 3, 2000.
CIO Magazine "Wiring The Corporate Brain"
- Novartis ventures a new strategy for sharing ideas and innovation across a global enterprise
Article by Gary Abramson
March 15, 1999 Issue
Financial Times "Yet 2.COM : Markets for Intellectual Property"
by Patti Waldmeir Feb 8, 2000 in FT.COM  
Forbes.Com " Hello Brain: The 21st Century Company"
by Om Malik    
Forbes.Com " Putting More Now Into Knowledge" by Peter Drucker   May 15, 2000
Forbes.Com " Webucation - some smart investors are betting big bucks that Peter Drucker is right about
the brilliant future of on-line education".  by James W. Michaels and Dirk Smillie, May 15,  2000.
Fortune Cool Companies  - "The New Online Marketplace Of Ideas " by Tyler Maroney
 Inter@ctive Week "Web Exchanges Open For Patents"
by Mel Duvall    December 5, 1999 issue
PC Magazine "On Line Idea Auctions"
by Sharon Nash
PC Magazine "Ask An Expert"
by Don Willmott,  March 31, 2000
The Standard "Digital Marketplaces"
Feb 07, 2000,1151,9431,00.html

"Hints From Heloise Meets The Web - You got questions ? They got answers. A slew of 
startups is matching up the clued-in with the clueless " Feb 07, 2000.

USA Today "Tech Reviews - Xerox : Shape Of Things To Come"
by Elizabeth Wiese    11/23/99
Upside "Tech Trading Post Gives Patents New Homes"  by JoAnne Robb April 17, 2000
Upside "Share Your Intellectual Property"  by Aaron Goldberg May 24, 2000
Time "Web Know-It-Alls - Here's a new breed of site where everyone's an expert. Just ask 'em,
and they'll tell you" by Anita Hamilton  Feb 21, 2000.
The Washington Post "Tapping Expertise On The Net" - by Leslie Walker  Thursday May 4, 2000


Working Knowledge Laurence Prusak & Thomas Davenport
Harvard Business School Press 1999
Future Wealth Stan Davis & Christopher Meyer
Harvard Business School Press 2000
Digital Capital Don Tapscott, David Ticoll, & Alex Lowy
Harvard Business School Press 2000
Knowledge Capitalism Alan Burton-Jones
Oxford University Press 1999 
Knowledge Capitalism
The Future Of The
Electronic Marketplace
Edited By Derek Leebaert
The MIT Press 1999
Rembrandts In The
Kevin G. Rivette & David Kline
Harvard Business School Press 2000
Net Worth John Hagel III & Marc Singer
Harvard Business School Press 1999


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