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The knowledge based economy continues to expand. Consequently there is growing interest in knowledge, creativity, intellectual capital, intellectual property, and intangibles. Harnessing these factors to create a new sustainable economy, society, and environment, is hot. More and more people and economic and political activity is centered in urban areas. Prosperous revitalization and economic development is a growing need. Applying the new thinking, innovative practices, and smart technologies to creative districts, clusters, science and research parks, towns, cities, capitals, corridors, regions, and beyond, is a critical contemporary challenge. We are conducting world-class, ground-breaking research in this new emerging field, together with our network partners. We use the umbrella concept of "knowledge innovation zones" to encapsulate the new developments across different geographies and into cyberspace.


Phase I

A joint project between the Kaieteur Institute For Knowledge Management, and Entovation International Ltd. of Boston,
with sponsorship from Integrated Visions Group Of Jeddah, Saudi Arabia.

"Thanks to the catalytic investment by executives of the Integrated Visions Group, Saudi Arabia, and E100 Chris Geary, The RESEARCH Phase of the Knowledge Innovation Zone Initiative has been underway for several months. In an April signing ceremony in Dubai, AUE, their corporate VP Mr. Mohammed Mujadedi set the standard with words of vision for local, regional and international leadership.

The magnitude of this pioneering is significant with implications for our respective businesses, countries and most of all, the youth we develop for our future.

Now E100 Bryan Davis, ENTOVATION Fellow for Innovation Intelligence, and I are creating and preparing for distribution the KIZ State-of-the-World Report this fall that will likely include: KIZ Manifesto; Principles; Reference Model; Implementation Guidelines for growing a prosperous, profitable, and sustainable KIZ; Measurement Indicators; a Practice Mastery Curriculum; Playbook; Market Assessment Analysis, emerging Market-Space model; Knowledge-enabling Software Directory; Directory; Expertise Directory and Global KIZ Leadership Map; Taxonomy & Glossary; Reference Resources/Pathfinder and more. And this is only Phase I!"

Excerpt >From From Entovation E100 Alert - June 22, 2005

Mr. Mohammad Mujadedi V.P., Integrated Visions Group. IVG is the KIZ Phase I PLATINUM Sponsor

Link To Our Knowledge Innovation Zone Web Site

A Preview of the KIZ State of the World Report has been made available by IVG. (Mirror: iv-group.com)


Read "Get In The Zone" - Article by Bryan Davis & Debra Amidon in KM Magazine October 2004
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