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e-Knowledge Markets - Manifesto !

1. e-Knowledge Exchanges Are A global Revolutionary Market Force In The Making
2. e-Knowledge Markets represent A Disruptive and Discontinuous Technology Innovation
3. They will change forever the way people manage knowledge and intellectual capital assets
4. e-Knowledge markets enable Freedom for people, from the shackles of ignorance and local domination, and are an integral facet of the Free Agent, and E-Lance Revolution
5. e-Knowledge markets are a wealth creating platform presenting individuals and organizations with options for new value creation and abundance - like never before
6. e-knowledge exchange market-places will blow away old modes of learning and allow learners to be finally in charge of their own digital learning
7. e-knowledge markets facilitate the real time trading of knowledge anytime, anywhere,
8. with e-knowledge markets the means of production are the minds of the producers, and the exploitation of intellectual property is now open to all
9. e-knowledge exchanges should be harnessed for creating global sustainable development, and building productive social capital within knowledge communities
10. Knowledge Sellers and Knowledge Buyers of all Countries-Unite!

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Last Updated June 1, 2004
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