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Software & Services

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Astromind is a privately owned cognitive research and development center located in Iceland. We research, develop and teach advanced methods and techniques to measure and increase focus and expand consciousness.

The center has grown out of seminars conducted by Gardar Gardarsson, author and recognized authority in the field of mental fitness training. We are located in Iceland but operate globally through the Internet.


Banxia Software

Decision Explorer is an ideas mapping tool (a “map” being a network of ideas and their associated links). It can be described as a qualitative data management and analysis tool (albeit not in the “code and retrieve” mold), in that it deals solely with qualitative data (ideas). It is also a “visual thinking” tool. Its purpose is to help you play with ideas, to structure them and explore the relationships between them and, in so doing, to move your thinking forward. The software is used to generate a visual representation of your, your interviewee’s or a group’s ideas about a particular issue. It gives you a means of capturing and structuring ideas
TheBrain Technologies Corp. is the leading provider of visual information environments. We strive to bring people intelligence and to increase productivity by providing individuals and organizations intuitive, context-rich information environments. Our technology, TheBrain, is a medium for organizing and sharing information. TheBrain gives people the ability to organize disparate pieces of information into one meaningful structure that conveys valuable relationships in an easily understandable display. Our mission is to help people turn their existing information into usable knowledge.

Centric Software
Unlike traditional specialist point products such as CAD/CAM, CAE, and visualization, or rigid control-oriented management systems including PDM and ERP, Collaborative Product Innovation is the only environment that unites domain experts through peer-to-peer communications (many-to-many, one-to many, or many-to-one) to securely share know-how and freely explore innovative ideas to develop next-generation products in record time.

Idea Engine
The IDEA behind the idea engine is to provide a space for online collaboration and imagination through brainstorming or ideation. The idea engine is also ideal for collecting competitor intelligence.


ENTOVATION International Ltd.,, in conjunction with Know Inc. and Knowledge Harvester has developed the Knowledge Innovation® Assessment software, specifically designed for assessing the innovation process within the corporate environment. This assessment methodology systematically analyzes your organization's ability to create new ideas, and translates those ideas into viable products and services that can be expeditiously moved into the marketplace. The ten modules in the  Assessment of Knowledge Innovation® software provide an organized, effective tool for calibrating the innovation strategy of an organization.






General Ideas Enterprise is based on the same platform that powers General Ideas Inc.'s proven consumer Web site, currently attracts over 50,000 members, with more than 100,000 suggestions, and over 2 million evaluations in its knowledgebase. This technology has proven to be highly scalable, and is well suited for the needs of a broad range of businesses, from mid-sized organizations to large multinational corporations. General Ideas Enterprise is extremely easy to use and requires virtually no employee training time. Employees can easily submit suggestions pertaining to their daily activities directly from their Web browser. When inputting suggestions, employees can use creativity tools to spark innovative suggestions and use template questionnaires to make a solid business case. Once the suggestion has been submitted, the selected system evaluators receive an e-mail notification about the suggestion. They then can view and evaluate the suggestion directly in the email inbox. The evaluation is then automatically sent to the submitter and to an implementer on approval. The system automatically stores all interaction in the company's knowledgebase for immediate access and reporting.
Idea Champions is a consulting and training company specializing in creativity, innovation, team building, leadership and out of the box products. Since 1986, we've been helping forward thinking organizations unleash their collective brilliance and achieve extraordinary results. Our work, however, goes well beyond getting people out of the box. Beyond brainstorming. Beyond ideas. Beyond the fuzzy front end of the corporate innovation process. What we do, ultimately, is help our clients establish humane, inclusive, sustainable cultures of innovation - the kinds of environments that become fertile ground for the natural expression of creativity, collaboration, commitment and uncommon success.


Ideation International is the leading provider of innovation software based on the Theory of Inventive Problem Solving (TRIZ). Our growing TRIZSoft™ family is flexible, modular and economical. TRIZSoft™ products are designed to help individuals achieve consistent, expeditious solutions to complex innovative problems. Novices, enthusiasts and certified TRIZ practitioners will find our applications easy-to-use and be able to accelerate the process of successful technological innovation.


The IHMC Concept Mapping Software empowers users to construct, navigate, share, and criticize knowledge models represented as Concept Maps. The toolkit is platform independent and network enabled, allowing the users to build, and collaborate during the construction of concept maps with colleagues anywhere on the network, as well as, share and navigate through others' models distributed on servers throughout Internet


Imaginatik is a software development and professional services firm company specialized in enterprise innovation management. Their focus is on the areas of high strategic value for medium to large organizations, namely management of innovation and ideas


Inspiration Software®, Inc. is the leading publisher of visual thinking and learning tools for K-12 education. We strive to make a positive difference in peoples' lives by developing and publishing innovative, quality software tools that help students learn to think.


Invention Machine empowers the world to innovate faster. We are the world's leading provider of knowledge-enabling software for the Internet that fundamentally accelerates technical innovation and propels company growth. Global corporations use Invention Machine's technology to automatically build knowledge bases and populate Internet portals and Web sites.

CoBrain provides knowledge managers, researchers, engineers, information scientists, and research and development professionals with a powerful tool to leverage their company's knowledge and intellectual assets

Knowledgist is a powerful personal semantic processing tool that dramatically reduces the amount of time people spend looking for relevant information on the Web, an Intranet, or their own computer.

TechOptimizer is a comprehensive suite of knowledge-based innovation tools designed for the senior researcher. The software helps users to state and solve engineering problems correctly across many different fields.

Inxight Software, Inc. is a leading provider of information access and content analysis software solutions and services for automating the analysis, organization and presentation of information across the Internet, intranets and extranets
Strategy & Gaming has a team of experts with extensive analytical and operational experience. A suite of commercial off-the-shelf analytical, cognitive, and visualization modeling tools support these experts. Using accepted systems engineering principles they provide end-to-end and strategy-to-task solutions


software that allows you to create, express, organize and communicate your ideas in a simple, natural, intuitive way.

Mindjet Visual Thinking tools give you the power to capture creative ideas and communicate them on your computer screen.  So you can see what you had in mind



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Ideas Exchange
%5Cfinancial%5Cfsi_biscs.xml is an e-zine dedicated to ideas for innovation. We're trying to create a space for exploration and discussion of what it means to be an innovative company, bringing you the people, the companies, and the products that push the performance envelope. We're trying to learn what works and what doesn't - a learning that often place occurs at the very edge of the enterprise. We want to take these successes and make them mainstream
The Arlington Institute
TAI is a web-based, internet-speed think tank for the New Economy. Founded in 1989 by futurist John L. Petersen, TAI is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. We encourage systemic, non-linear approaches to planning and believe that effective thinking about the future is only possible by applying the focused applications of available and emerging technology. Therefore, we strive to be agents of change by 1) creating intellectual frameworks & tool-sets for understanding and 2) partnering with the New Economy leadership

Providing monumental ideas is tomorrow's currency. Tomorrow's currency is available today at BrightHouse.

"The ability to create better ideas than your competition is the only sustainable competitive advantage your company can have... and the only way your company will have a future." - Joey Reiman, Founder & CEO, BrightHouse


Hal Richman, in alliance with a small group of trusted companies and associates around North America, provides information services and informing experiences (including games and simulations) to support collaboration in organizations, as well as marketing advisory services for software vendors who wish to integrate collaboration into their products.


Harvard Business School Press

In Good Company is the first book to examine and explain the role that social capital--the value inherent in human connections, including trust, personal networks, and a sense of community--plays in the successful running of organizations. Knowledge management experts Don Cohen and Laurence Prusak identify the social elements that contribute to knowledge sharing, innovation, and high productivity--and show how nearly every managerial action can enhance or diminish an organization's social capital. Drawing on the social sciences, economics, and engaging stories from organizations including the World Bank, IBM, the New York City Diamond Trade, and UPS, this book offers practical advice on how to recognize and develop this hidden resource for employee fulfillment and economic gain.

In Good Company: How Social Capital Makes Organizations Work

Creativity For Innovation


Creativity, Innovation and Problem Solving
Daniel C. Dennett, the author of Darwin's Dangerous Idea (Simon &Schuster, 1995), is Distinguished Arts and Sciences Professor, Professor of Philosophy, and Director of the Center for Cognitive Studies at Tufts University


Edge Foundation, Inc., was established in 1988 as an outgrowth of a group known as The Reality Club. Its informal membership includes of some of the most interesting minds in the world


idealab!'s mission is to turn innovative ideas into successful businesses. Founded in 1996 by entrepreneur Bill Gross, idealab! has developed and evolved a process for maximizing the potential of its new businesses. Once an idea is prototyped, idealab! shares with the fledgling business its market-tested knowledge and expertise, supporting its initial growth and development. Today, idealab! is focused on creating businesses based on proprietary technologies that enjoy high margins and have significant potential for sustainable, profitable growth.


John Kao, Author of Jamming

Dubbed a "serial innovator" by The Economist, John Kao is a thought leader for the new economy. He is an entrepreneur, best-selling author, sought after speaker, Tony-nominated producer, and business pioneer. His areas of expertise include corporate innovation, digital commerce, the new management mindset, and the future of business.
The Global Knowledge Innovation Infrastructure (GKII) is an exciting initiative to build the foundations for creating innovation capabilities that will deliver prosperity in the 21st century knowledge economy. It draws together people and organizations from different industries, different functions and different geographies in a collaborative programme of learning, research and practical action.
MeansBusiness is the largest and fastest growing database of business ideas in the world. We provide corporations, universities and consultants with the latest and most advanced business thinking from the world's leading business experts-on demand
Complex Product Systems Innovation Centre

The CoPS Innovation Centre is a joint venture between SPRU - Science and Technology Policy Research (University of Sussex) and the Centre for Research in Innovation Management (University of Brighton). It receives its core funding from the Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC) and will raise additional funding from industry and government. The Centre works closely with the IMI/RA Eng. Chair in Innovative Manufacturing.

Improving performance in complex products and systems through inter-project knowledge capture and transfer'.
A Global Ideas Bank for socially innovative non-technological ideas and projects, with £1,000 UK sterling awards annually for the best ideas or projects submitted

Sister to another non-profit:, the website for participatory events in every city in the world. The Global Ideas Bank is a member of the New Civilization Network


Innovation@Work is a one-of-a-kind Executive Learning Program with the best and latest information for making innovation happen inside your firm, a program which itself is a radically new innovation:It's a complete video, software, and audio learning program that quickly and entertaninly teaches executives and their teams how to generate more creative ideas, implement them as business innovations, and translate them into bottom line profits


Think Inc. is a new kind of business. It supplies the most precious commodity of the modern business age: ideas.
Countless businesses have grown from a single idea. To stay ahead today, however, they need a constant flow of new ideas for new products, new brands, new ways of selling them. Or, as the Harvard Business Review recently put it, 'CEOs know that ideas and innovation are the most precious currency in the new economy ­ and increasingly in the old economy as well. Without a constant flow of ideas, a business is condemned to obsolescence.' Yet the culture of many organisations stifles the thinking needed.Hence the need for fresh thinking and for Think Inc., a business in the business of ideas
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The Future Of Ideas

Lawrence Lessig                              
New Ideas About New Ideas

Shira P.White with G.Patton Wright
Seth Godin

Unleash Your Ideavirus

Here's a big idea: Ideas are driving the economy. Here's a bigger idea: Ideas that spread fastest win



Selling Wine Without Bottles: The Economy of Mind on the Global Net

by John Perry Barlow

The Next Economy Of Ideas
Will copyright survive the Napster bomb? Nope, but creativity will.

By John Perry Barlow


The Society of Mind Requires an Economy of Mind

CPM Report No.: 00-70
By: Ian Wright
Date: 2nd May 2000
The Attention Economy
"the scarcest resource for today's business leaders is no longer just land, capital, or human labor, and it certainly isn't information. Attention is what's in short supply."

Thomas H. Davenport and John C. Beck
Harvard Business Review


Thomas Homer Dixon

The Ingenuity Gap


The SIIA Trends Report 2001 is the second in an annual series of reports analyzing trends shaping the digital economy, providing a concise overview of the rapidly changing software and information industry

The new economy is an "idea economy." Economic growth has always been motored by ideas: moveable type, steam engines, power looms. Given the increasing pace of innovation that rests on ever newer ideas and the importance of information based products that are easily diffused in perfect form over digital networks, the question of intellectual property becomes central. The growing specialization of the US economy in the industry of innovation itself means that we now have an economy that is more specialized in the high-value-added role of creating and commercializing ideas. The notion of intellectual property and the economics of ideas now matters to us in an extremely serious way. Ideas and "information goods" have particular characteristics that distinguish them from ordinary goods. These include

  1. marginal costs of reproduction and distribution that approach zero;
  2. problems of transparency. Iin order to buy it I should know what the information or idea is; once I know it, in many cases, there is no need to buy it; and
  3. non-rival possession. If you have a hamburger, I cannot have it. But if you know something and I learn it, you still know it. Once I know it, I no longer have an incentive to compensate you to teach me.
Together, these characteristics conspire to make protecting ideas electronically a challenge.


In spite of the not-so-favourable markets around us, we are living in an idea economy. One great idea can rewrite a great many rules. Whether you are a technology person or a manager, the need to stay abreast of what is happening is critical. You need to have the ability to master change.

Name: Ganesh N Mandalam
Position: CEO
Company: 3rd Agenda


Gold & Rizvi, P.A. - "The Idea Attorneys"
Employee Reward & Recognition Programs
Nelson Motivation Inc

see his excellent article in

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