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The e-Knowledge Market as an enabler for Professional Associations

Our Viewpoint

 The e-knowledge market concept
can be a powerful next generation platform for enabling Professional Associations
2. This concept is based on real world on-line business models being field tested today. (See the KIKM e-Knowledge Market Portal and Links to sites :- http://www.kikm.org/portal/page2.htm ).
3. While many of these sites are early stage experiments ( and some may fail ), nevertheless we can already envisage a future in which e-Knowledge Markets and Exchanges move beyond mere hubs and portals, to become critical and innovative gateways to Professional Association knowledge
4. It is possible today to enable the better management of knowledge, not only of the public side of Associations, but also to drive superior knowledge proficiency and performance on the inside of Associations.

5.Newer companies like our research partners www.knexa.com , www.ebrainexchange.comwww.clerity.com, and many others like them ( see "enablers" in our index ), now offer e-knowledge exchange software on an ASP basis.
Cost is affordable, deployment can be rapid.
6.In Summary, we see further development, refinement and extension of  e-Knowledge Market modalities as the wave of the future


How can Associations benefit From e-Knowledge Markets ?

Lower The Cost & Friction Of Knowledge Content Dissemination

Marketplace For Members To Trade Ideas, Services, Learning, Intellectual Property, Connect Members

Differentiate the Association By The Caliber of Innovation

Improve The Quality Of  Knowledge Exchange

Save members Time to Answers by harnessing collective brainpower

Others ?

What do you think ? Tell us your ideas info@kikm.org


Advanced Research Working sub-Group on the Implication and Applications Of e-Knowledge Markets For Professional Associations

If you are interested in learning more about joining our research group as an  collaborative knowledge provider or funding sponsor, see the Prospectus at http://www.kikm.org/VerticalSubgroups.html

If you would like to placed on our e-knowledge markets global community contact list for updates,  please contact  Bryan Davis at bdavis@kikm.org or call 416-651-1837. 


What we present here, are some early preliminary ideas which we intend to prove up, from conducting further empirical research. We will be updating this from time to time with additional information. Feel free to suggest a relevant link
Knowledge Store
Knowledge Auction (e-Bay for Ideas ! )

  click on "communities"
Question & Answer/Expert Exchange

Webmasters Association  and http://Experts-Exchange.com
   provide a service in the mutual interest of advancing the Web profession  http://www.iwanet.org/experts/


Intellectual Property Exchange

The Business Alliance's "Knowledge Exchange"

If you thought Oregon's university professors were only interested in teaching and publishing in technical journals, you may not have visited a campus recently. Many are partnering with businesses just like yours looking for real-world solutions to manufacturing, marketing, and distribution problems. Whether your needs are small or large, the Knowledge Exchange will work to link you to resources you can use. Think of us as your one-stop university resource.Now, you can access a program that will connect you to the incredible intellectual knowledge inside Oregon's colleges and universities and get cutting-edge assistance to grow your business. Sound like a good idea?     http://knowledge-exchange.org/

The National Technology Transfer Center http://www.nttc.com


e-Learning Exchange

The International Association of Virtual Office Assistants (IAVOA) http://www.iavoa.com/ and http://www.U4All.com

Sample News :

Story Filed: Thursday, May 17, 2001 6:59 AM EST

MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif., May 17, 2001 (BUSINESS WIRE) -- The Credit Union National Association (CUNA), the premier trade association representing America's credit unions and Docent, Inc. (Nasdaq:DCNT), the premier provider of integrated eLearning software, today announced CUNA will license Docent Enterprise(TM) to support the association's member credit unions nationwide. CUNA selected Docent Enterprise to enable credit union managers to assess the return on investment of their training activities.

Docent Enterprise will be available to all CUNA's affiliated credit unions, which include more than 90 percent of the 10,700 credit unions in the United States. Not only will Docent Enterprise give credit unions a means to measure the return they are getting on their employee training investment, it will also serve as a tool for member credit union managers and employees to track their progress toward training goals. Credit unions will be able to run reports to review both individual and organizational training activities. Managers, employees and volunteers will be able access online course catalogs, personal transcripts for all CUNA training activities, competency tests, and other features designed to identify the shortest path to help them meet their training goals. Eventually, transcripts will cover all training activities, not just those provided by CUNA, giving managers and employees a comprehensive picture of their training progress.

"Credit unions in the U.S. invest over $120 million annually on management, staff and volunteer training, but it can be very difficult to track all the seminars, courses and certification programs employees take part in," says Mike Miller, vice president of CUNA's Center for Professional Development. "Docent's LMS will centralize record keeping for all training and development activities in one system and give both managers and students access to their comprehensive transcripts. For the first time, managers will be able to assess the return on investment of their training activities."

"Companies are recognizing the positive impact that online learning can have on their organizations," said Mary Egan-Lorigan, senior vice president of worldwide sales at Docent. "This is an exciting opportunity for us to work with CUNA to provide their members with support for all their training programs, while leveraging the cost efficiencies of eLearning."

Docent Enterprise is the company's award-winning eLearning software platform. Typical reasons customers cite in selecting Docent Enterprise over competitive solutions include its market leadership, 100 percent web-based architecture, sophisticated content management capabilities through the Docent(TM) Content Delivery Server, ease and speed of implementation, and scalability.

    About CUNA

With its network of affiliated state credit union leagues, Credit Union National Association serves more than 90% of America's 10,700 credit unions, which are owned by more than 80 million consumer members. Credit unions are not-for-profit cooperatives where people are worth more than money. For more information, visit http://www.cuna.org/.

    About Docent, Inc.

Docent, Inc. (Nasdaq:DCNT) is the premier provider of eLearning infrastructure and services for the enterprise and beyond. The company's complete, integrated solutions are designed to increase revenue, cut costs, and build competitive advantage. Docent Enterprise, its award-winning Internet-based software platform for knowledge exchange, provides a complete infrastructure for developing, delivering, managing, and measuring eLearning for employees, customers, partners, and professional communities. Docent is headquartered in Mountain View, California, with other offices throughout the U.S., Europe, and Asia-Pacific. For more information about the company, please visit http://www.docent.com/.

More Recent News: 

American Cancer Society Partners with Click2learn

e-Learning initiative will train thousands of employees and 2 million volunteers how best to enlist fellow Americans in the fight against cancer

BELLEVUE, WA, April 9, 2001 - The American Cancer Society, one of the largest and best-known advocacy organizations in the world, has selected Click2learn (NASDAQ: CLKS) for a major, nationwide e-Learning initiative.

The multi-phase e-Learning project will help the American Cancer Society (ACS) prepare thousands of employees and 2 million volunteers for the organization's "Challenge to America" campaign. The program aims to significantly reduce cancer mortality and incident rates while strengthening cancer research, prevention, and patient services programs by the year 2015.

In the first phase of development, completed on March 31, the ACS worked closely with Click2learn to launch a new training series for its 6,000 employees. The first courses, to be delivered via Click2learn's e-Learning Network, include a new employee orientation course covering the organization's history, resources and services and a primer for all employees on donation policies and procedures.

Click2learn created this custom training - titled the "Business Literacy" series - using the Rapid e-Learning Development System. ReDS is a collaborative e-Learning authoring platform with integrated project management features that is designed for large-scale learning initiatives.

Following the rollout of the initial courseware, the ACS is scheduled to adapt and expand the series into a full-scale, national learning initiative, which will be delivered to the organization's 2 million volunteers around the nation.

"Our Challenge to America campaign is a singularly ambitious mission: We seek to eliminate cancer as a major health problem. This demands much of our grassroots volunteers and our staff," said Don Gudaitis, Chief Executive Officer of the ACS New England Division. "Through e-Learning, we can better ensure all our volunteers and employees are equipped with full knowledge of our mission, and the skills to enlist America in our fight against cancer."

"One of the best ways to fight cancer is through better education," said Kevin Oakes, president and CEO of Click2learn, "and we are delighted that the ACS has chosen us as their partner. Our employees are incredibly proud to be associated with this noble cause as we do our part to help the ACS eliminate cancer as a major health problem."

About the American Cancer Society The American Cancer Society is the nationwide community-based voluntary health organization dedicated to eliminating cancer as a major health problem by preventing cancer, saving lives and diminishing suffering from cancer, through research, education, advocacy and service. For information about cancer, call toll-free anytime 1-800-ACS-2345 or visit the American Cancer Society website at www.cancer.org.

e-Lance/Human Capital Exchange
Community & Social Capital Exchange

The Center for Mental Health Services (CMHS) Knowledge Exchange Network (KEN) provides information about mental health via a toll-free telephone number (800-789-2647), this web site and more than 200 publications.

CMHS developed KEN for users of mental health services and their families, the general public, policy makers, providers, and the media.

KEN staff are skilled at listening and responding to questions from the public and professionals. KEN staff quickly direct callers to Federal, State, and local organizations dedicated to treating and preventing mental illness. KEN also has information on Federal grants, conferences, and other events    http://www.mentalhealth.org/

Founded in 1954, the Association for Corporate Growth is the premier association for and about professionals involved in middle-market corporate growth, corporate development, and mergers and acquisitions. It promotes the professional interests of its members, who have assumed leadership roles in strategic corporate growth, by offering a forum for quality programs, education and networking. ACG has nearly 5,500 members representing approximately 2,500 companies in 36 chapters throughout the United States, Canada, the UK and Mexico. http://www.acg.org/kexchange/main.asp

EGFAR is developing with the very active participation of NARS, and in collaboration with FAO/SDR and ISNAR, a website that will seek to develop a user-driven open Knowledge Marketplace on topics and issues that are of interest to the management of NARS and to their development. This is a special website that is under construction to facilitate :-

  • exchange of experiences among NARS;
  • collaborative construction of a "pool of knowledge" based on actual real-life experiences in the strategic planning and management of NARS and of research institutions;
  • access to information on Best Practice on the various topics and issues related to NARS management;
  • possibility of tapping expertise on research management issues by interacting with managers in other NARS and with experts or researchers that have studied these issues;
  • access to literature, case studies and reports on these topics;
  • access to information on trends in agricultural R&D investment, sustainable funding strategies and changing organizational research patterns for agricultural research, extension and innovation.


The general objective of this user-driven Knowledge Marketplace is quite clear: to use Internet and modern information management techniques to create a cumulative knowledge pool on strategic issues of NARS development and management, and to allow research managers around the world to tap into this knowledge pool, enriching it through its continuous and dynamic use. Stakeholder involvement and ownership by NARS is of critical importance. http://www.egfar.org/nars/default.htm

The Association For Enterprise Integration (AFEI) is a non-profit organization for corporate and individual members whose common goal is to advance enterprise integration and e-business practices for industries and governments around the globe.


Vision : To be the knowledge clearing house for enterprise integration and world-class electronic business practices for industries and governments around the globe! http://www.afei.org/

The Global Knowledge Partnership (GKP) is an evolving, informal partnership of public, private and not-for-profit organizations. Partner organizations are committed to sharing information, experiences and resources to promote broad access to, and effective use of, knowledge and information as tools of sustainable, equitable development.

Networking networks to increase the leadership role of African post-secondary institutions in sustainable development  http://www.kelp.org/

SIFAR is creating an open knowledge marketplace on the Net specifically to serve the needs of the global fisheries research and development community. Called the oneFish Community Directory, this open directory portal will bring together, under one virtual roof, a broad cross-section of stakeholders interested in raising the profile of research in fisheries and aquatic resources and reinforcing its impact in responsible fisheries, particularly in the field of development. http://www.sifar.org/onefish.htm

Industrial Research Institute,Inchttp://www.iriinc.org/web/ using http://mindcrossing.com platform


Vertical Industry Knowledge

National Association Of Investment Professionals
       http://www.naip.com      and www.infomarkets.com

Certified Public Accountants http://cpadirectory.com      and http://www.inforocket.com

USLaw http://www.uslaw.com    and http://www.inforocket.com

Shop.org, the source for knowledge in the online retailing space, became an independently operated division of the National Retail Federation in January 2001. Shop.org now serves as the NRF's online retailing arm and has over 400-plus members, including retailers, companies that provide goods and services to retailers and other businesses http://www.shop.org/

LCA is a community of landscape professionals that advances the collective business interests of its members through education and knowledge exchange.

Since its inception in 1967, The Landscape Contractors Association MD-DC-VA has met the needs of landscape professionals throughout the region. Our members represent the finest in the industry and consist of landscape contractors, landscape architects and designers, grounds departments, educational institutions and suppliers  http://www.lcamddcva.org/

PWAC London.Southwest Ontario
( Periodical Writers Association Of Canada )  http://members.execulink.com/~pwaclondon/icm01.htm

Rethinking Construction  - Knowledge Exchange   http://www.rethinkingconstruction.org/

The Iron & Steel Society
Mission Statement–The Iron & Steel Society seeks to be the premier professional and technical society serving its members and advancing knowledge exchange in the global iron and steel industry. http://www.iss.org/

 The International Knowledge eXchange (aka IKX or iKx) is an international group of people that share common interests in some areas such as computer security, cryptography and viruses. Our intention is to bring to all the world some good news, documentations and even samples about these themes. Many of these topics are often considered as illegal or dangerous for someone, but we don't think so, this isn't true at all! We don't condone any illegal use of viruses or security exploits, we just want to discuss about them with all the other guys that are interested in this topics. Of course some of this informations and programs may be dangerous if they are used intentionally to do harm. A compiled virus or even a virus in source doesn't do any harm if you don't run it!          http://www.s0ftpj.org/archive/ikx/index.html

International Federation of Purchasing and Materials Management

To provide worldwide recognition of the credibility and standing of the procurement profession
To represent the views of the Federation on issues of major professional importance
To establish methods for information/knowledge exchange
To share best practices for growth and development of procurement associations
To promote processes of mutual recognition of procurement qualifications among associations and nations

Community of Science, Inc. (COS) is the leading Internet site for the global R&D community. COS brings together the world's most prominent scientists and researchers at more than 1,300 universities, corporations and government agencies worldwide. COS provides tools and services that enable these professionals to communicate, exchange information and find the people and technologies that are important to their work.

These services include: COS Expertise


Other Related Resources

National Knowledge & Intellectual Property Task Force

Mission Statement

The mission of the Taskforce is to define the competencies & set the standards to accelerate the transformation of knowledge to net worth in the competitive enterprise.

What the Taskforce is doing to perform its mission:

  • Corporate research (benchmarking) to develop best practices for business process improvement
  • Corporate research to develop the metrics to accelerate the knowledge to net worth transformation processes
  • Corporate research to develop the metrics and tools to enable analysts, investors, lenders and capital markets to better measure the corporationÕs innovative & competitive power
  • Defining the KM systems & tools to support data capture, recognize & exploit IP strategically, improve market posture and create new assets
  • Defining individual & organizational IP management competencies
  • Defining the standards for IP management in industry & government
  • Developing the education & training curricula to improve IP management
  • Advancing a national policy agenda to improve the infrastructure for global competitiveness in 21st Century commerce


The Silicon Valley World Internet Center is a dynamic physical and virtual portal bringing together technology leaders and customers to advance -- through collaboration -- Internet-related technologies and markets.

A combination think tank, showcase, and collaboration facility, the Center facilitates exchange of knowledge among innovative producers of Internet-related technologies, leading end-users, and companies looking to advance into the Internet Economy. The Center enjoys a neutrality of location, providing a multi-corporate venue for an open exchange of ideas and networking.

The Center delivers value to its Sponsors and members especially in the areas of:

  • Knowledge Exchange
  • Branding
  • New Market and Partnering Opportunities