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Becoming A Co-Sponsor Partner Of A Vertical Sub-Group - Prospectus
  • The goal of this study, is to unearth the pathways and strategies that can lead to the safe realization of value and benefit across the turbulent, changing knowledge landscape. It is intended to help you profitably move forward armed with clarity and deep insight.

    The purpose of joining a vertical sub-group is that you get to be part of a small committed team focused on e-knowledge market solutions for your particular industry. You get answers to specific vertically oriented questions.
    You can also build connections and leverage the learning of other small groups probing similar questions in their respective verticals.
  • To Learn more about how you can join one of these sub-groups as a co-sponsor partner please download and read the vertical-sub-groups Prospectus:

  •  In order to view PDF documents you will need a copy of Adobe Acrobat Reader.
    Click the yellow button to get it from Adobe's Web site.
What ARWG -Verticals Sub-Groups Do We Have Available ?

In each sub-group, the central question being probed is :-

"What are the applications and implications of e-Knowledge Markets for the vertical industry sector ?"


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