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Welcome To The Next Generation Knowledge Frontier - the e-Knowledge Markets Market-Space - a New Economic Galaxy In Rapid Formation

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Our Viewpoint

The Quest

In the beginning we started out studying the problem of knowledge-flow. How could companies find better ways to harness, manage, visualize, and understand the flow of knowledge, intellectual capital, and intangible assets through the firm ? We studied all available methods in the knowledge marketplace. Nothing really excited us as providing the definitive answer. Finally, after a journey of many years we sighted on the horizon the appearance of the e-knowledge market place. It began to dawn on us that our knowledge Quest had ended. We had experienced our search for the Holy Grail and found the golden fleece. The e-knowledge marketplace was the magical device by which companies could manage, adjust, adapt, value, and visualize their knowledge assets.


The Emergency Of e-Knowledge Markets
We love markets. We are based in Toronto. One of our favourite markets is The St. Lawrence Market. Even this real world market is going "e".    Cool people know the value of going to market.

Emeril at the St. Lawrence Market
(We Watch FoodNetworkCanada)

Markets are fun. Markets are noisy, chaotic, complex, spicy,  fruity, fresh, smelly, but ever so interesting. Markets have been around from the first village. Markets are an organic part of human society. As the knowledge-based economy expands as does the Internet, it's quite natural to see the evolution of e-knowledge markets - the fusion of Knowledge, "e", community, commerce and exchange. Markets are  way more sustainable than mere portals and intranets. And when is the last time anyone made money going to the Intranet ! Many people have bought into the portal and the intranet,  as hubs for knowledge exchange. Get over it. They won't last. They are no fun !

We believe instead that the e-Knowledge Market Concept is an Idea whose time has come. This is medium through which over a trillion dollars in knowledge commerce will flow between now and 2010.
It is the super-conductive pathway to the next-generation knowledge frontier we refer to as the EverKnowledgeNet  - a galaxy in which we all become orbiting intellectual capital stars, always on, always connected to the global mind, to  new ideas and creative economy.

Markets foster innovation - new recipes. The e-knowledge marketplace is the breeding ground for innovation, what Debra Amidon calls the global trade of Ideas,

"The Innovation SuperHighway A new economic world order based upon knowledge, innovation, value systems, stakeholder success and international collaboration."

This evolving Meta Portal is dedicated to openly sharing information we have gathered  about e-knowledge markets, through our intensive ongoing research into all facets of managing knowledge, and knowledge enabling software systems. 

Our indicators tell us that there is rapidly growing interest in this topic. Moreover,  there is growing practical innovation on a number of fronts, that is seriously worth learning more about.  

There are numerous new knowledge-based business models being field tested.  Prominent among these are sites for Buying and Selling Intellectual Property.

It is our opinion is that between  2005 and 2010  there will be $1 trillion traded through e-Knowledge Markets and Exchanges, in lock step with the global economy becoming more knowledge-based.

We see this as part of a broader powerful e-business trend towards the formation and use of Digital Market-Places in B2B e-commerce.

We think that e-Knowledge Markets  will also follow an adoption pattern on the inside of Corporations, similar to way other web-based technologies such Browsers, Intranets, Search Engines, & Portals made a crossover from the on-line world. Except we think this this development represents a disruptive innovation and will be more revolutionary and far reaching in its implications.

We include under the umbrella of "e-knowledge markets", digital knowledge exchanges, knowledge networks, e-learning exchanges, knowledge trading, experts exchanges, e-lance intellectual capital exchanges, intellectual property marts, knowledge stores, knowledge auctions, idea exchanges, e-work exchanges, talent markets, and related concepts. 

Just as bricks and mortar markets have fish markets, and fruit markets, and cheese markets, and markets of many flavours, we see the e-knowledge marketplace as teeming with an increasingly rich array of types.

We have been researching mechanisms for enhancing the flow of knowledge in organizations for quite some time. We see a knowledge market strategy as one potentially effective approach for nurturing adaptable and responsive business ecosystems, and harmonizing the flow of knowledge and intellectual capital through the enterprise.  
An e-knowledge market can be a virtual and digital community hub for linking the suppliers and buyers of ideas and channeling knowledge energy in many purposeful, innovative, and valuable directions.

We offer you then via this Meta Portal, an incipient knowledge exchange about knowledge exchanges,  a world wide window into a serious new killer app in the making.

We look forward to hearing your thoughts, observations, comments, feedback about this topic. Contact us via info@kikm.org.


What Other Thought Leaders Have Been Saying

Larry Prusak, IBM Consulting Group

"The authors' most profound and useful idea is that of the knowledge market
Carla O'Dell, APQC
Peer Review of Working Knowledge By Prusak & Davenport 1999.
in Knowledge Management Magazine March 99 Issue

"A knowledge management strategy should not stop with knowledge management. It should not start there either. It should begin with a strategy for selling knowledge. Knowledge can be sold explicitly - what am I bid for this insight...? "    Thomas A Stewart, Fortune Nov 9, 1998

" Let us treat people as investors in the company where they work - investors in as real a sense as public shareholders are. For they are truly capitalists : possessors of certain assets - brains, skills, energy - who choose where to invest them, at what level of risk, for what potential return"  Thomas A. Stewart, Fortune May 11, 1998


Our Evolving Taxonomy Of e-Knowledge Markets - see Knowledge Market Meta Portal Links Directory  
  • Knowledge Auctions
  • Knowledge Stores
  • Expert Knowledge or Question & Answer Exchanges
  • Intellectual Property Exchanges
  • Stock Market or Investment Knowledge Exchanges
  • e-Education or e-Learning Exchanges
  • Community Oriented or Social Capital Exchanges
  • Intellectual Capital Exchanges ( includes Human Capital, Talent; Work, Project, e-Lance or Professional Services Exchanges )
  • Vortexes - (Vertical or Industry Specific Knowledge Markets or Trading Exchanges)
  • B2B Knowledge Exchanges


Achieve Rapid Successful Breakthrough Results
The development of Knowledge Markets will have profound implications for Corporate Strategy, Public Policy, and New Business Development.
To make available advice and independent Insight based on our Research, we have now initiated a number of relevant service offerings. 


Achieve Rapid Successful Breakthrough Results - The Mind Is The Market

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