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We help our clients to acquire new knowledge fast. We use a proprietary methodology we call the KITE system  ( Knowledge & Intelligence Tracking For The Enterprise). It leverages the same disciplined approach we have used for years to acquire the best market intelligence in such emerging areas as knowledge markets, knowledge enabling software and knowledge innovation zones. We have a systematic and well developed process for monitoring and gathering information, analyzing news feeds, awards, standards issues, market trends and forecasts, partnerships and alliances, stock market activity, product reviews and lab tests, best practice application case histories, knowledge business models, conferences , seminars, trade shows, consultancies, expert commentary, associations, books, journals, articles, newsletters, newspapers, magazines, interviews, new developments in underlying technologies, web sites, and other relevant sources. Our process framework is based on core principles of knowledge management.


A major financial institution had a strategic need to learn about new developments in e-commerce and customer relationship management. They had recently spent over $ 1 million for a study by one of the large consulting firms. The financial institution was irate to learn about some critical new developments emerging in the industry which the large consulting firm had not told them about in their report. The financial institution decided it was time for an alternative and more innovative approach. The rationale for wanting to spot new developments, technologies, and trends early, was that they would then have time to assess the implications and the possible utility of the new developments. They wanted to be a position to spot, identify, select, and deploy new products and services leveraging the most advanced and innovative thinking and technology ahead of the competition. They wanted to capitalize on their knowledge, gain a competitive edge, and achieve a significant return on their investments in new technologies, well before the new developments became normalized in the industry. We were challenged to carry out a knowledge acquisition research project. We had to pin-point emerging trends and assess possible strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, threats, (ie. complete a SWOT Analysis). We carried out a four month project using our powerful KITE Competitive Intelligence framework. The results were immediately acted upon. We showed that the financial institution was at increasing risk of running afoul of emerging developments with patents. We showed how they were not networked sufficiently in communities of interest related to such subjects as cryptography, and the science of complexity. We showed them how they exploit newer modalities for customer interaction and dialogue that would give them a competitive edge. We showed them new ways to lift their visibility on the web and more. We got them to understand the significance of new types of social software and how it could support more customized approaches to personal wealth management. They got actionable intelligence they could act on swiftly so as to bring rapid improvements to their business performance.
The company came to the realization that their business was increasingly knowledge-driven. They were beginning to formulate a strategy to become more adept at optimizing their knowledge and intellectual capital assets. We were tasked with completing a research project to determine how well they stacked up against their main competitors with regard to leveraging knowledge management. We developed a series of profiles based on 10 agreed upon dimensions. We were able to demonstrate how they ranked in relation to their competitors with respect to the 10 dimensions. We again used our proprietary KITE methodology to
acquire, organize, analyze, evaluate, and represent our findings. Our client remains grateful and appreciates the rapid, valuable and innovative service rendered.

A consulting firm was close to completion of a new software development project. They had embedded some of their best ideas in a new software system for profiling competencies. They had been so focused on product development they had some work still to do to figure out an effective pricing strategy. They were also in the process of submitting a reply to a request for proposal in which they planned to quote pricing for having the client invest in a major deployment of the new software. They needed to come up with a workable and competitive pricing solution but lacked sufficient awareness of the broad market for similar products to be able to do so. We were tasked with rapidly researching this issue for them and helping them formulate a winning pricing approach. We used our KITE methodology to study the software market, built a market model, and figured out the best segment in which their software fit. We then built comparative pricing profiles so that the client had a much better basis to formulate a winning pricing model. At the end of the engagement , the client was so pleased he wrote on the cheque "for consulting services extraordinaire"!

These types of assignments are handled with the utmost confidentiality and discretion. You can be confident that we will help you to acquire the knowledge you strategically need in order to be able to make sound business decisions.
Our processes, methods and frameworks are designed to take advantage of open available sources in an ethical and socially responsible manner. For a consultation contact Bryan Davis at 416-651-1837 or E-Mail: